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Bathmate – Hydromax 9 Transparent Penis Increase Pump

Bathmate – Hydromax 9 Transparent Penis Increase Pump


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A revolutionary concept for penis development. The HydroMax 9 pump is the latest in hydrotechnology for penis enlargement, development and health. Finally there is finally a new truth bomb. With more than 50 new features compared to the standard Bathmate model, the HydroMax 9 model has 35% more power and a super comfortable sleeve for maximum comfort during use.

The HydroMax extends up to 15% more than the HydroMax 7 and can also be rotated 360 for maximum comfort and power. It is designed for penises from 17.8 cm to 23 cm when erect. Its system incorporates a new, much softer and more comfortable sealing system at the base of the penis and testicles that reduces the sensation of pressure but not performance.

Its rotating system allows you to rotate 360 so that you have a complete view at the angle you prefer when you are using it during the bath or shower. It also incorporates a scale so you can see your improvement. The internal gusset size has been increased and the number of convolutions reduced to allow you to gain even more thickness.

There is none like Bathmate’s Hydromax 9. It is powerful, resistant and super comfortable to use:

Its benefits:

  • Increases penis length
  • Increases the thickness of the penis
  • Gain volume quickly
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Reduces penile tilt
  • Widens the glans
  • Helps last longer in relationships.

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