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Intense Fetish – Erotic Playset 1 With Handcuffs, Blind Mask And Flogger


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The INTENSE FETISH erotic set is a captivating ensemble designed to explore the depths of pleasure in the adult world. This set combines essential elements of excitement and sensuality: handcuffs, a blindfold, and a whip, all crafted from high-quality vegan leather.

The vegan leather handcuffs offer a experience of restraint and submission, allowing you to surrender to power play with comfort and safety. The blindfold adds a touch of mystery and anticipation, intensifying every sensation and allowing you to immerse yourself in the sensory world of pleasure. The vegan leather whip adds an element of provocation and excitement, allowing you to explore domination and submission play with intensity and creativity.

Each piece of this erotic set has been meticulously designed by INTENSE FETISH to provide an unforgettable sensual experience. The choice of vegan leather not only ensures an ethical alternative but also adds an elegant and seductive aesthetic.

Whether you’re discovering new forms of intimate connection or expanding your horizons of pleasure, the INTENSE FETISH erotic set invites you to delve into a world of fantasy and desire.



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