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Rewolution Rewobit Flexible Stimulator

Rewolution Rewobit Flexible Stimulator


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REWOBIT‘s award-winning compact design will intuitively massage, pinch and provoke your clitoris, reaching new levels of fully euphoric climax while boosting the journey to your overall well-being.

The unique and flexible design surrounds sensitive areas. V-shaped edges and double arms offer a more focused vibration ideal for pre-orgasm ecstasy!

The REWOBIT vibrator offers 10 vibration modes with unique sensations.


The REWOBIT is designed to embrace the contours of your clitoris, with soft, curved arms that bend to fit where you feel best.

Connect REWOBIT directly to any standard USB port, where it will fully recharge in less than two hours. Smooth and environmentally friendly, the REWOBIT can be charged to your computer or phone charger so you’re ready when you are.

We recommend that you use an additional lubricant, such as aqua lubricant, WATERFEEL or NINA KIK, available in classic, silky or heat-effect versions.

All Rewolution toys of course are waterproof and will be your perfect companion both in a romantic hot tub and under the comfortable sheets of your home. The underwater vibrations of this fun companion are perceived by many couples as particularly intense.

In addition, because the vibrator is waterproof (IPX6), it can also accompany you in the wettest places, such as the shower or bathtub. If REWOBIT runs out of breath, its built-in batteries can be recharged using the included magnetic charging cable.


  • Vibrator for the clitoris!
  • 10 Vibration modes from soft to very strong
  • 2 Powerful motors.
  • Silicone medical grade
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Rechargeable by magnetic charger.
  • IPX6 / Submersible submersible.
  • Contoured to accurately stimulate your pleasure points
  • Suitable for external and internal stimulation.
  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and hotter than hotter baths
  • Measures: 11.8 x 3.0 x 5.0 cm
  • Charging time of 80 minutes for 45 minutes of real pleasure!.
  • 100% vegan vibrator
  • To finish REWOLUTION offers you a 2-year warranty. Ready for action?

What is REWOLUTION inspired by?

Long before the feminist movement took its first blows during the French Revolution, there have been women of great power, intelligence and with the authority to change the world; an achievement that has double merit, taking into account the time in which many of them lived.

The example of these women showed a break in the social mold imposed by the ruling classes and the political, royal or ecclesiastical authority of the moment: that of women being subject to the power of men. While not all of them consciously worked for the equal rights movement, they helped inspire a moral and cultural transformation regarding the role of women in society.

Rewolution is inspired by the French Revolution adapted to the current era. A claim of rights for equality in all aspects.

Abortion, interracial relationships, sex outside of marriage, erotic and pornographic films, sex parties, family planning and, above all, easy access to different contraceptive methods end up getting us fully into the sexual revolution. One that, now, has women at the forefront. Men could have had theirs in the past and of course they were invited to it, but only with the liberation of women could a real change in our society come about.

In recent decades, women have voluntarily and openly decided to become single mothers while making their way through their professional careers thanks to an autonomy that is no longer frowned upon. This lifestyle is further reinforced by the appearance of in vitro reproduction techniques in the early 1980s.

The second wave of feminism helps propel the third, in the early 1990s, bringing new issues to the table such as ecofeminism, lesbian feminism, and trans feminism. The woman begins to take action on issues that despite being derived from her own sexual revolution were still controlled by men.

The history of the sexual revolution of women continues to advance in the present, driven now by a fourth wave of feminism born in the past decade and which seeks to tear down the cracks of a macho society fighting against scourges such as sexual harassment or violence against women. women.

It doesn’t matter what generation you are from. We are all protagonists of the sexual revolution and that is why we have created REWOLUTION !! Join the feminist movement and join the sexual revolution!

What would you like to know?

We are Caroline and Michael, a thoroughly happy couple lucky enough to enjoy life in all it’s glory and take it with a pinch of salt.

Our idea of happiness is to live and let live, enjoy what you have and don’t forget to strive for a little more (because we all deserve it!). Most important though, be serious about what you want, go for your goals and never forget to go in style. You are in charge of your own life and all the good things that can happen to you.

When it comes to your sexual fulfilment, we may be able to assist you a bit, with quality, service and friendly support.

We are here for you.


Be playful and be curious. Everything we offer here is made for your enjoyment. So take your time if you want or jump right into it if you can’t wait. Most important, no pressure. We do not have to prove anything to anyone, just take it easy, relax and make the most of the beatuiful body and mind that you have.

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