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Shunga – Honey Powder Exotic Fruits


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Soft, cuddly on the skin, edible, velvety and complicit, honey powders are a discovery to explore new complicities.

They allow a complete sensual experience : imagination, laughter and play are triggered by spreading them over the partner’s sensitive areas with a naughty feather that is included; the caresses are assured when noticing the new smoothness and softness of the skin, and the shudders, the sensitive enjoyment, the mischief and the passion explode when passing the tongue over the points tickled by the feather or when eating and/or devouring the lover, with exquisite delicacy, with greedy parsimony or with voracity .

To exude sensuality through every pore of your bodies with four flavors: fiery cherry, raspberry feeling, lustful exotic fruits, and tender nymph honey.

Flavor: exotic fruits.

Content 228 gr.

Shunga is the world leader in erotic cosmetics, its natural ingredients fused with active ingredients achieve great results.

Entering the erotic world of Shunga is like traveling to the past. Literally translated, Shunga means ‘spring image’, a delicate way of saying ‘sexual relations’ between people.

This word was used to designate Japanese erotic paintings of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, a type called ukiyo-e, which were nothing more than works on wood or parchment with sensual scenes and episodes of carnal love, always made with great care. and good taste.

Shunga art, although hidden for centuries, marked the beginning of the pornographic industry for the Japanese middle class and served for generations as an education for the sons and daughters of many families.


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