Air Pulse Stimulators

Are you looking for an intense orgasm in the shortest possible time? Then look no further and choose your favourite from our collection of wonderful air pulse stimulators that will put your clitoris in a party mood in no time with targeted stimulation.
It’s very easy to use: place the opening right over your clitoris and let the effect surprise you. These little masturbation aids are also just the thing if you’ve been on this planet for a number of years and need a little more stimulation.


It is very easy to use, just follow your feelings. Placing the pulsating opening directly on your clitoris, your pearl as many call it, is the quickest way to orgasm. Another fine way is to use the softer pulsating sensations to arouse the whole area of your labia, slowly reaching your exact fine spot. Here you can turn up the volume to the speed you prefer.

Each air-pulse vibrator comes with different settings. It’s easiest to try out the different volumes and pulsating sensations before you get into the heat of play. Of course, it is best to use a water-based lubricant, although some women prefer to use no lubricant at all.

Yes, our air-pulse stimulators are waterproof, which is a real pleasure to use in the bath and let the water enhance the pulsating vibes.

All air-pulse vibrators are made from skin safe, soft silicone without phthalates. Your skin will only come into contact with a soft and sensual texture. Please clean the toy after use with lukewarm water and mild soap or use a toy cleaner.