Sexual Wellness
Body Care, Partner Massage and Lubricants

A Sensual Massage

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Imagine being invited to lie down and relax. A fragrant candle lights up the room, rose petals may be on the sheets, soft music helps you find your way to those gentle moments of total relaxation. and then you feel the warm hands of your partner caressing your body with a sensually scented oil. Slowly and gently, yet passionately, exploring every part of you, lingering a little longer in some places… tickling, caressing every beautiful inch of your yearning body…

Does this inspire you?

A sensual massage is the perfect way to explore new areas of pleasure. It will bring the two of you even closer together as you enjoy the romantic light of a deliciously scented special candle, the wax of which you can use to massage your partner’s gorgeous body.

And who knows, maybe a special fun kit will take your fantasy to the next level.

Caution! Slippery When Wet! (Yes Please)

Sexual Wellness - Body Care, Partner Massage and Lubricants 3 -Let’s dive into the smooth world of lubricants and how they can benefit us. Good lubrication is essential for frictionless enjoyment. Nobody wants (too much) rubbing to spoil the fun. The right amount of lubricant can make all the difference in the bedroom. Whether you’re alone or with a partner, using lubricants can take your pleasure to new heights and help minimise discomfort during those intimate moments. It’s like giving your body the effortless  sensuality it craves. With a quality lubricant by your side, you’ll glide effortlessly towards pure satisfaction.

Lubricants Silicone or Waterbased?
That is the questtion

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Lubricants come in two general categories and there are many ways to enjoy both. As a rule of thumb, just remember that the beautiful silicone toys do not go well with silicone lube. It will make the soft surface of your skin-friendly silicone toy bumpy. And now bacteria love to nestle in the little holes that form. You don’t want that, so we recommend that you always use a water-based lubricant when playing with silicone toys. On the other hand,silicone based lubricants feel even more smooth and luxurious on the skin. They are water-resistant and so work  great in the bathtub or shower!

Because no part of your sexy body is the same, there are different formulas of lube. You are sure to find the perfect partner for your play in our wide range. From anal play to warming lube, there is a lubricant for everyone.

Vaginal Dryness

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Lubrication is definitely necessary when it comes to dealing with vaginal dryness, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you’re in your 20s or well into your 60s, vaginal dryness can happen to anyone. It may happen for a number of reasons, including hormonal changes, stress, medication, or just not feeling like it. And, of course, there are many combinations of these issues. If you think it is a serious condition, please see your gynaecologist for advice.

This should not stop you having sex: A little dab of lubricant can come to the rescue and save the day. There are lubricants designed specifically for your sensitive female genitals. With formulas specially designed for those very dry and sensitive genital membranes. A soothing liquid that helps smooth the inner vaginal skin so you can enjoy the fun without pain and discomfort!

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra help when it comes to your pleasure. In conclusion, lubricants are like magic potions that bring joy and comfort to our lives.